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Spring Cleaning Care and Feeding

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning and preparing planting beds; Before all the plants leaf out, it is the best time to clear away all the dead debris from the base of perennial plants, grasses and shrubs. Grasses should be trimmed back to 4-6 inches from the ground and summer flowering shrubs should also…
April 29, 2019
Fertilizer Explained Care and Feeding

Fertilizer Explained

What do all those numbers mean? Fertilizer explained. Like us, plants require a nutritious diet to grow properly. What we put in the ground for our plants is comparable to what we put in our own bellies. When a nutrient is lacking, we will often see our plants calling for…
April 11, 2019
Top Weed Prevention Tips Tips and Tricks

Top Weed Prevention Tips

Your garden is flourishing, the plants are growing tall and strong, and your lawn has never been so lush. Unfortunately, the weeds seem to be thriving as well. Unlike potted plants and seeds, weeds are resilient and suited to harsh conditions caused by intense heat and dry soil. Taking the time…
July 31, 2018
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