Ajuga ‘Princess Leia’ Bugleweed

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A new look for Ajuga, Princess Leia Bugelweed brings fascinating patterned leaves of green and white. Its dense carpet of luscious evergreen foliage adds color all year round. True blue flowers pop up in spring and sporadically throughout summer and fall. The plant prefers shade from the hot afternoon sun and does well in deep shade.

Princess Leia Bugelweed makes an excellent edger, a tough weed-smothering low-growing ground cover, or a colorful pot addition. Ajugas control erosion and can fill in areas that are hard to reach. The plant prefers adequate moisture but is drought-tolerant once established. 6-8″ in flower. Deer and rabbits don’t care for it!

Plant in shade to part shade in soil that has been amended with organic matter. Morning sun with afternoon shade or filtered light is best. For the best color it needs several hours of good sun. It prefers soil with good drainage and does not like to stay soaking wet. An application of fertilizer is beneficial. Keep well watered until established. Although it is a tough plant and drought tolerant, for best blooming and rebloom, keep consistently watered. Cut the plant back, or use a mower on the highest setting right after flowering to encourage fresh, new growth

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