Cerastium Snow in Summer



Cerastium tomentosum ‘Snow in Summer’ Caryophyllaceae

Zone: 4
Exposure: Full Sun 
Mature Size: 6-13′ H x 9-12’ W
Flower Colour: White
Flowering Time: June 
Growth Rate: Fast 

Description: Blooming profusely in late spring and early summer, Cerastium tomentosum (Snow-In-Summer) is a low-growing, short-lived perennial that forms a dense mat of silvery gray foliage dotted with star-like, pristine white flower with notched petals. Evergreen, it spreads quickly by reseeding itslef and makes a great ground cover for sunny areas 

Ornamental Features: White Bell-Shaped Flowers, Gray colour leaves, Drought tolerant 

Landscape Features: Delicate texture, High maintenance, Spreading, Invasive, Deer Resistant 

Additional information

Size - Perennial

1 Gal, 11 cm, 15 cm, 2 Gal, 9 cm