Dicentra ‘Luxuriant’ Fernleaf Bleeding Heart


The Luxuriant Bleeding heart is an fern leaf variety that serves as a excellent shade tolerant perennial. They are also deer resistant.


Dicentra formosa ‘Luxuriant’

Zone: 3-9
Exposure: Partial/Full Sun
Mature Size: 12-15″H – 12-18″W
Flower Colour: Pink
Flowering Time: Spring- Summer

Description: One of the most elegant perennials, Dicentra formosa ‘Luxuriant’ is a graceful herbaceous perennial boasting gracefully stretching stems studded with lockets of pink flowers, whose hearts are no doubt bleeding, adorned with protruding white petals. They hang above the attractive fern-like foliage of soft green. Blooming for 4-6 weeks in late spring to early summer, it tends to decline or disappear in mid-summer. However, if it is kept well-watered during the spring, dormancy may be delayed until late summer or early fall. Additionally, this variety is a low style bleeding heeart making it perfect for smaller spaces to add brightness to any shade garden.

Ornamental Features: Great as fresh cut flowers, Deer and Rabbit resistant, Attracts Butterflies and Bees

Landscape Features: Great for shaded borders or woodland gardens, plant this old garden favourite among other perennials such as hosta, astilble, pulmonaria, or ferns to fill the space left by its foliage when going dormant

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Size - Perennial

1 Gal, 11 cm, 15 cm, 2 Gal, 9 cm