Echinops ‘Platinum Blue’ Globe Thistle



Echinops ritro ‘Platinum Blue’

Zone: 3-8
Exposure: Full Sun to Mostly Sunny  
Mature Size: 3-4 ft H, 18-24″ W 
Flower Colour: dark violet-blue 
Flowering Time: early to late summer 

Description: Considered by smost growers as the loveliest Globe Thistle, is an excellent rebloomer that produces abundant, dark violet- blue flowers at the end of gracefully curving, branched, silvery stems. Blooming mid-summer to early fall, the bold and ornamental, steel blue globe shaped flowers (size of golf ball) rise above the foliage of sharply divided, dark green leaves, covered in down beneath. Adding contrast, interest, and colour to the summer garden while being trouble-free and low maintenance, Globe Thistle makes an invaluable contribution to the landscape. 

Ornamental Features: Beneficial for Pollinators, Attracts Butterflies, Good for Cut Flowers, Deer Resistant, Winter Interest 

Landscape Features: Lovely addition to beds and borders, cottage gardens, wildlife gardens, or gravel gardens 

Additional information

Size - Perennial

1 Gal, 11 cm, 15 cm, 2 Gal, 9 cm