Oak ‘Burr’



Quercus macrocarpa

Zone: 2
Exposure: Full Sun
Mature Size: 32′ high x 26′ wide
Tree Form: Rounded
Canopy: Open
Growth Rate: Slow to Moderate
Special Features:  Rich green foliage, dark furrowed bark, acorns
Fall Color:  Antique yellow

Description: Referred to as the King of Trees, very tough and majestic, a magnificent cold-hardy shade tree for larger landscapes. Bur Oaks are the only oak indigenous to the Canadian Prairies.

Ornamental Features: Large attractive rich green leaves with distinctive, deep lobes turn an antique yellow in the fall. Acorns are .6″ to 1.2″ long and have a fringe-like border that encloses 2/3 of the acorn.  The tree bark is light brown to grey, deeply furrowed and scaly. Small branches have corky ridges.

Landscape Attributes: A dense deciduous tree with rounded form. Requires occasional maintenance and best pruned in late winter.  Great choice for attracting squirrels to your yard.

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