Pine ‘Fastigiata’ Columnar Scots FARM

columnar Scots Pines are excellent in tight spaces and can serve as fantastic privacy screens in urban areas.

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Pinus sylvestris ‘Fastigiata’

Zone: 2
Exposure: Full sun
Mature Size: 20′ high x 5′ wide
Tree Form:  Columnar
Foliage Color: Silvery blue needles, in bundles of 2
Growth Rate:  Moderate
Uses:  Specimen, accent, screening, hedge

Description:  A narrowly upright coniferous tree with long bluish-green needles and distinctive copper-orange bark that peels.  Densely upright branches provide year-round privacy and multiple plantings can make a thick, tall hedge.

Ornamental Features:  Needles are bluish-green, pointy, very tough, slightly twisted, and in bundles of two, 1.4″ to 2″ long.  Mature cones are grey-brown and point back along the branch, attached by a small stem. The blue-green foliage contrasts beautifully against the white snow in winter.

Landscape Attributes:  Very hardy, long living evergreen tree with a strong central leader.  Low maintenance, fire and deer resistant, and drought tolerant once established.

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