Sedum ‘Orpine’ Stonecrop



Sedum ‘Orpine’ Stonecrop

Sedum telephium ‘Orpine’

Zone: 4-9
Exposure: Full Sun
Mature Size: 2-2.5″ H, 1.5-2″ W
Flowering Time: mid-summer to early fall

Flower Colour: pink-purple

Description: Stonecrop or Orpine is a succulent, herbaceous perennial with an erect and clumping habit. It is in the stonecrop family (Crassulaceae) and is native to Europe, Russia, and northern China. Hylo is the Greek word meaning forest or woodland. It is thought that the genus name honors Telephus, King of Mysia, who was the son of Hercules. The common name, orpine, is from an old French word orpiment and refers to an ancient variety of sedums. The species was formerly known as Sedum telephium and is still listed under that name in many older garden publications. 

Ornamental Features: Attracts Bees, Butterflies and Beneficial Insects, Drought Tolerant

Landscape Features: Borders for butterfly and pollinator, cottage and cutting gardens 

Additional information

Size - Perennial

1 Gal, 11 cm, 15 cm, 2 Gal, 9 cm