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Warranty Claims and Guarantee

Conditional Warranty

At Countryside Garden Centre, we guarantee that all of our trees & shrubs are:  
  •    In good condition when sold
  •    Able to grow providing they receive proper planting and maintenance
  •    Hardy plant material for our region (unless deemed otherwise)

Our warranty is provided to regularly priced trees and shrubs only.

It is very frustrating to have plants and trees die. We understand this more than you know as many of our trees have been growing for over 10 years before they go to their new homes! While we strive to provide the best quality, hardy plant material to our customers, we understand that in exceptional situations plants do not survive. Our limited one year warranty covers replacements of the same items if purchased at regular price. There is no warranty for plant material that has received a discounted/sale or reduced price. There is no warranty for improperly planted trees and shrubs. There is no warranty on plants that have not been planted in the ground. In the event a tree or shrub fails to survive within one year of purchase, Countryside will provide a one time replacement for the same item. If there is not a suitable replacement available, a credit towards another tree or shrub for the value paid will be issued. No refunds will be issued for warranty claims. There will be no additional warranty on the new replacement trees as the warranty is a one time replacement coverage. Warranty replacements have no cash value. All warranty replacements must be redeemed prior to October 1 of the year they were issued. Any services such as delivery and installation are not covered under warranty. We do not hold warranty replacements past September. If you have replacement plants that have not been picked up by the end of September, we will return your plants to our farm and cancel your warranty replacement. We do not carry warranty replacements over to the following year. Thank you for understanding.

Exchange / Return / Cancellation

Plant material, once it has left our property is non returnable. If there is a quality issue or concern upon pick up or loading of plants, please notify staff immediately and do not take the plant material home. We would like you to leave with plants that you are happy with.
Caliper trees, once selected and paid for must be picked up within 7 days. Potted trees and shrubs must leave same day as they were purchased. We have a lot of movement of trees and sold product sitting for over a week will incur a $150/ week holding fee. Please let us know what your pick up schedule is. If you need to change your tree selection please do this within 24 hours. Cancelled trees (that are purchased at regular price) within 24 are eligible for a refund. Cancelled trees after 24 hours are subject to a 25% restocking fee and will be issued a store credit for remaining balance. No refunds of trees after 24 hours. No refunds/exchange or credit on trees that are bought on sale. All sale trees are a final sale with no warranty. Please make sure your utilities and access is confirmed before you pay for your trees. If you are unsure, please wait to purchase trees until you have these details confirmed.

To Redeem Your Warranty

Call in to get advice, your plant may still be alive!
If an associate advises you to use your warranty:
  •    Complete and submit our online warranty claim form. You will be required to upload your original receipt and photos of the plant material.
  •    We start to review warranty submissions AFTER June 15- due to some plants taking time to get growing in the spring. We appreciate your patience, but sometimes plants that  we think are dead are actually still alive and require more time to leaf out/ start growing. (Check out our garden beds around the retail office- these are all plants and trees that were claimed to be dead, they are all now thriving with little to no care.)
  •    We may require a site visit (after June 15th) especially for large claims and unusual circumstances.
  •    Do not dig up and bring in plant material this will void your warranty.
  •    After we have reviewed your information and decided on the status of your warranty claim, you will be issued an email as a follow up.
  •   If warranty is approved we will issue a replacement of the same kind of tree/shrub for pick up at the garden centre. For larger orders replacements may need to be brought in from our farm, which can take several weeks depending on our shipping schedule.
  • If we do not have the same replacement tree/shrub for your warranty, will will offer a similar type of plant for your warranty replacement. These replacements trees/shrubs are not covered under warranty and must be picked up prior to Oct 1.

No Warranty is Provided for the Following:

  • Items that have been damaged by animals & unforeseen acts of nature (fire/drought/hail/winter kill)
  • Items that have been improperly planted, cared for or neglected – this includes planting where water will stand or collect at the base of a plant, improper use of groundcovers or damage by equipment including weed-eaters & lawnmowers. Plants that have not been watered enough will not receive a warranty.
No Warranty On: Perennials, annuals, herbs, tropicals, vines, topiaries, planters, shrubs or trees planted in containers, any plants zoned 4+, or any sale items.
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