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Let’s Talk About Trees

With Glen

Learn all about the trees we love at Countryside Tree Farms! Each video gives interesting insights to some of our more popular varieties of trees and shrubs and their use in the landscape. Let us show you how to choose, plant, grow and care for trees so they survive our difficult Calgary climate!

Spruce Size Matters 1:18

Spruce trees come is all various sizes- find out why the 7 gallon size is best.

View Our Spruce Trees

Skybound Cedar 4:22

Looking for a reliable Cedar? Skybound Cedar is the hardiest Cedar we grow, and is a great evergreen shrub for the landscape.

View Our Skybound Cedar

Wichita Blue Juniper 3:49

Wichita Juniper is  a beautiful blue evergreen shrub. When planting any tree or shrub, dont forget about the drainage!

View Our Wichita Blue Juniper

Sundancer Poplar 3:24

Sundancer Poplar is a hardy, disease resistant Poplar and is one of the best trees for privacy.

View Our Sundancer Poplar

Planting a Tree 4:08

Yes- there is a proper way to plant your trees! Learn more about planting a caliper tree with proper drainage.

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