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Growing Hardy Southern Alberta Trees & Shrubs

Our True Passion

We have the best Trees and Shrubs in Alberta

At Countryside, we guarantee that you will find the highest quality plants in the region. For 25+ years, we have been the go-to garden centre for top-quality trees and shrubs in Calgary and area.
We have a time-proven understanding of the genetics of the region which allows us to specifically choose species that will thrive in the Southern Alberta climate. We care about ensuring that your plants, trees, and shrubs will flourish in your home garden so that you can enjoy them for a very long time.

Our Trees

We grow large trees and smaller trees, evergreen trees and deciduous trees, fruit trees and flowering trees, and shade trees and potted trees.

We carry fruit trees, such as crabapples, pears, plums, and beautiful ornamental trees such as Snowbird Hawthorn and Japanese Tree Lilac.

We can recommend trees based on the sun exposure of your space such as a Caragana or a Green Ash for full sun or a Mayday for shaded areas. If you’re looking for more privacy, we have fast-growing trees with an upright growth habit, such as a Swedish Columnar Aspen, to provide a sound and sight barrier without taking over your outdoor spaces.

If you’re conscious of water, we suggest trees such as our Scots Pine and Siberian Larch to limit your water consumption. If you’re looking for our hardiest trees, we recommend trees such as the Ohio Buckeye, and the Canada Red Chokecherry.

Prairie hardy trees are our specialty! No matter what kind of tree species you’re looking for, we guarantee that we only carry hardy, healthy trees.

Come see us at our garden centre located just outside the City of Calgary for a great selection of mature trees at excellent prices. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you with all of your tree selections and help you pick up a beautiful new tree today.

Large quantity purchases can also be arranged. Please contact us for pricing or to book an appointment with one of our sales staff.

Our Shrubs

We only grow shrubs that can handle the cold winters of Calgary.

At Countryside Landscapes & Garden Centre, we carry a large variety of beautiful, hardy shrubs. Whether you want flowering shrubs, low-maintenance shrubs, drought-tolerant shrubs, shrubs that will work well in small yards, etc…. we have them in stock at our garden centre.

We carry a multitude of flowering shrubs with gorgeous spring flowers such as the Gold Star Potentilla with yellow flowers, the Bridal Memories Lilac with white flowers, the Pinky Winky Hydrangea with pink flowers, or the Red Ace Potentilla with bright red flowers.

We can help you choose your flowering shrub based on the time of year they are in bloom such as early spring, late spring, or early summer. We also have shrubs with a wide variety of foliage colours to add more colour to your landscape design. Our popular Sem False Spirea has eye-catching multi-coloured foliage, our Green Velvet Boxwood is an evergreen shrub with dark green foliage, and our Silver and Gold Dogwood has unique variegated foliage.

Whether you’re looking for traditional green leaves such as a Countryside Amur Maple or striking fall colour leaves such as a Dwarf Burning Bush, a Cherry Bomb Barberry or an American Highbush Cranberry, we have the shrub for you. We also carry shrubs that grow fruits such as Saskatoon berries and currants.

There are some shrubs that thrive in full sun such as a Caragana and some that thrive in part sun. The placement of your shrubs around your home should help decide which shrubs are best for your garden or yard. We strive to offer architecturally diverse shrubs that will both complement and inspire your yard.

We have shrubs with different growth habits such as the Calgary Carpet Juniper with a ground-hugging habit of growth or a Ninebark with a compact habit of growth.

As a consumer, you can be rest assured knowing that all of our shrubs fall within hardiness zones 1-5 and are labelled appropriately, so you know exactly what level of hardiness you are dealing with. We also offer many Alberta native shrubs as well as classified drought resistant species to help you curate your yard.

Come visit us at our garden centre to receive the knowledgeable support of our expert staff, or order your shrubs online today.