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Our Company

Family Owned and Operated Since 1996.

Countryside Garden Centre is a locally owned and independent garden centre and landscaping company located in De Winton AB. We service Calgary and Okotoks area, plus southern Alberta.

Along with our beautiful greenhouse plants, we propagate from seed, graft and grow softwood tissue, from plant material in the Chinook zones from native and proven hardy sources. Our hardy plant material has been used in various projects throughout western and southern Alberta and Eastern British Columbia.

We are blessed with great staff and amazing customers. We hope that our love of plants and outdoor design will inspire everyone to make their outdoor living the best it can be. We have won many awards including top landscape in Canada. Our projects have been featured in magazines including Best Home, Western Living, House & Home.


Our Roots

We began in 1996, as a small, humble landscaping and construction company.

We approached every new landscape project with two key principles: deliver the highest quality product and create essential functionality. Over time, our passion and projects quickly became known for their great design and longevity — our reputation for innovation led up to become trendsetters in the landscape industry.

As the business grew, and with plant materials always at the forefront of any great landscape design, we found it difficult to find large quality plants to match our design creativity.

You know what they say “necessity is the mother of creation”. Therefore, we decided to grow our own plant materials for specific landscape designs and projects. Because we could not find large, healthy and hardy plants, growing our own seemed like the only way possible to provide plants for our clients.

We are passionate about plants and how they can be used in both practical and creative ways.

Our Growth

We went from growing for our projects to a full-service garden centre.

We began to not only grow plant materials for our projects, but eventually evolved into tree farms, potting farms and now greenhouses.

As our farm grew so did many requests from people looking to buy our plants directly. This demand turned our tree farm into a full service garden centre and we became “Countryside Garden Centre”. Today we grow thousands of trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals and so much more for our landscape projects and our garden centre.


Our Future

We are passionate about plants. We are artists, designers, growers and craftsmen.

As Countryside grew and demand for our Alberta native trees, shrubs and plants increased we started to expand our services. One of our favorite programs is our “tree pre-order” that runs yearly from February to April.

Originally designed to cater to large acreages, we can now offer this program to city homeowners as well. The pre-order is a great way for clients to order early and save money with the purchase of larger volumes of trees. It also allows us the ability to dig trees to order, saving both time and cost. The preorder program has expanded now to include shrubs, grasses and even hanging baskets.

As we continue to explore the many facets of the horticultural industry we always have new plants and projects in the works. We hope to continue to share our love of planting, cultivation, design and the world of horticulture with our valued friends and customers.