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Most of our caliper (basketed or B&B) trees are grown in metal nursery baskets. These trees should always be moved by the basket and NOT the trunk.

Planting Tips

Here are some tips on proper planting of your basketed tree:

Select proper location for your tree. Ensure utilities are marked and site of new tree is clear of these areas. Be cautious of low lying areas and clay soil.

Dig hole up to 1.5-2 times diameter of root ball and approximately same depth as existing rootball. If there is clay or lack of drainage, add 1-2” of drainage rock prior to planting.
Gently lower tree into hole so trunk flare is at or slightly above the original grade.
Backfill 1/3 of hole with original soil to stabilize rootball.

Cut white strapping (and dispose of), untie burlap around trunk. Pull back wire basket and burlap to tuck around sides of hole. Leave metal basket on the tree (this will disintegrate over time).
Backfill the hole with existing soil or add composted soil and fresh loam if preferred. Top dress with Countryside Professional Tree Fertilizer and a layer of mulch.

Water in well and regularly until tree is established. (see Water Trees )

Planting Potted Trees & Shrubs

Select the best location for your potted tree or shrub! Keep in mind plant requirements and how big the plant will get when its mature.

Dig a hole up to twice as wide as the diameter of the pot and approximately the same height as the pot.

Carefully remove the root ball from the pot. Do not water immediately prior to planting. Wait until after planting to water potted trees. Lay the shrub or tree on its side with the container near the planting hole. Tap the bottom and sides of container until the root ball is loose. If the roots are tightly wound they can be gently loosened with your hands.

Once the plant is in the hole, lightly pack the soil around the roots so the soil level is at the same grade as it was in the pot. Water in well and then add more soil if necessary. Bonemeal can also be added to the hole to encourage root growth. Build a small reservoir around the dripline of the plant to help contain moisture and prevent runoff as you water.

Water slowly and thoroughly. Apply a root development fertilizer such as COUNTRYSIDE Root Starter Fertilizer 10-30-10

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