Apple ‘Hardi-Mac’



Malus ‘Hardi-Mac’

Zone: 3
Exposure: Full Sun
Mature Size: 16′ high x 13′ wide
Flower Color: White
Fruit ripening time: Mid September
Fruit Color & Size: Bright Red. 2.5″ wide
Pollination: Requires another apple within 500′ for cross-pollination
Taste: Crispy, juicy, and aromatic. One of the sweetest varieties of hardy apple.

Description: A hardy, bright red mid-season apple. Selection of the original Mackintosh, this apple tree was found in the Calgary area in 1992. Apples are good for cooking or eating fresh. Features showy clusters of lightly scented white flowers in mid-spring.

Ornamental Features: Forest green foliage through the season turns a yellow color in the fall. Fruit is approximately 6-7 cm in diameter ripening in mid September.

Landscape Attributes: Smaller tree with a low canopy. Best pruned in late winter or early spring once the threat of extreme cold has passed.

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