Eupatorium ‘Atropurpureum’ Joe Pye Weed



Eupatorium ‘Atropurpureum’ Joe Pye Weed

Zone: 3
Exposure: Part/Full Sun 
Mature Size: 5-6ft H, 2-3ft W 
Flower Colour: mauve pink
Flowering Time: midsummer to fall 

Description: Highly popular, Eupatorium maculatum (atropurpureum group) ‘Gateway’ (Joe-Pye Weed) is loved by gardeners for its large, densely packed clusters of mauve-pink flowers, up to 80 inch wide (20cm), atop sturdy reddish-purple stems. Fragrant, the blossoms are attractive to bees and butterflies in search of nectar. The foliage is also very handsome with its lance-shaped, dark green leaves radiating from the stem to form a whorl of 3-4 leaves. ‘Gateway’ is noted for being more compact than the species, growing shorter and bushier with tighter and thicker flower heads. 

Ornamental Features: good for cut flowers, deer and rabbit resistant 

Landscape Features: This is a strong growing perennials which provides a wonderful garden presence and makes a great background plant. Excellent choice as an accent plant, borders, cottage gardens, meadows, wild gardens, rain gardens 

Additional information

Size - Perennial

1 Gal, 11 cm, 15 cm, 2 Gal, 9 cm