Poplar ‘Tristis’



Populus x ‘Tristis’

Zone:  3
Exposure: Full sun
Mature Size: 50′ high x 20′ wide
Tree Form: Rounded, upright
Canopy:  Open
Growth Rate: Fast
Special Features: Fast growing, dark green foliage, seedless
Fall Color:  Shades of Yellow

Description: Give your senses a treat when you walk outside and smell the amazingly fragrant balsam scented buds in the spring. This fast growth Poplar is an ideal tree for larger spaces, with a nice round canopy. The Tristis is long-lived and extremely cold hardy.

Ornamental Features:  Tristis Poplar has showy yellow foliage in the fall.

Landscape Attributes:  Plant in groupings or as a stand-alone specimen.

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