Spruce ‘Baby Blue Eyes’


Baby Blue Eyes spruce are a fantastic option for a smaller yards seeking year long colour interest and they do best in full sun.


Picea pungens glauca ‘Baby Blue Eyes’

Zone: 2
Exposure: Full Sun
Mature Size: 20′ H X 10′
Tree Form:  Upright, pyramidal form
Foliage Color: Grey-blue
Growth Rate: Slow
Uses: Specimen, shelter-belt, windbreak, and in mass plantings

Description: This tree is a semi-dwarf selection of Colorado spruce. It provides the same desirable shape and beautiful needle color, but without overwhelming the space! They are drought tolerant once established, but will not thrive in standing water.

Ornamental Features: Stunning silvery blue needles emerge in spring, and provide a lovely contrast against the snow in winter, and stand out nicely against green deciduous foliage in summer. The rough gray bark adds an interesting texture to the landscape.

Landscape Attributes: A dense evergreen tree with a strong central leader and refined pyramidal form. An excellent, low maintenance choice to enjoy all the desirable features of a Colorado spruce in a size more suited to urban yards.

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